Fashion, Faith and Fun!

Style for the Modern Woman


Fashion, Faith and Fun!

Style for the Modern Woman

cheri varner - personal stylist, Speaker

Fashion provides a great first impression to everyone who sees you in
your professional and personal life. 

Faith gives us the balance of building into our hearts and souls so that we
are beautiful from the inside out. 

Fun is building relationships and pursuing your dream and calling.
Fun is living in the moment and giving it your all. 

Cheri is a Christian image consultant trained to teach women about their best colors, styles and character. Her mission is to use her gifts, life experience and training to speak truth, encouragement and style to women and to encourage them to live purposefully in all aspects of their lives. 



styling services

Cheri is a stylist who does personal style analysis that provides every individual with the tools to build confidence in personal fashion. 


Personal Style Analysis

Start off with a personal consultation to assess your body shape, fashion personality and color palette. Take it to the next level with personal shopping where Cheri will give you the low down on the bests stores and styles for you. 


Style Party

Gather four to six of your closest friends and have fun with a group consultation with Cheri! Each guest will receive their own personal consultation to find the best styles for them. 


Closet Control

Is your closet full of clothes that don't fit or you don't wear anymore? Cheri will conduct a closet "audit" to help you decided which items are "must keeps" and which items are "must trash."


public Speaking services

Need a speaker for your women's event? Cheri is a speaker for women's church and professional groups about making your best first impression so that you achieve your goals for yourself and your company.