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As a woman who wears many hats, I use Cheri Varner to help me dress for work, date nights & special events. She has empowered me to feel confident in my clothing choices by coaching me to choose styles and colors that best compliment my assets. Additionally, she has taught me how and where to shop. Her services help me be the best version of myself!
— Heather Cartee, Independent Sr. Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Personal Style Analysis

Session Length: 1.5-2 hours
Cost: $100

Description: Spend 2-3 hours with Cheri, one on one. She will take you step by step through the process of discovering your own personal style! You will learn your color code, the color palette that will enhance your look making you appear vibrant and at the top of your game. We will determine the best style lines for your body type, and your own style personality. Learn the trick to accessorizing any outfit, and get suggestions for flattering hair styles and makeup. All your style questions answered and color swatches to make shopping easier than ever! Includes color swatches and notebook!

Personal Shopping

Session Length: Minimum of two hours
Cost: $50/hour 

Description: Each personal shopping appointment begins with a phone call or conversation over a cup of coffee before the trip. We will discuss goals for the trip, whether you are looking to find those perfect pieces to finish your wardrobe, or the perfect outfit for a special occasion, Cheri will do some pre-shopping work to determine your best options and stores so that time is spent wisely and you are able to get the very best piece(s) you need for the best price. Cheri is always on the lookout for her clients and keeps future needs in mind while she does her homework. (Scouting the stores for trends, colors and fabulous pieces for everyone!)


You know that feeling you have when you look in your full closet and you have nothing to wear? Or when you think ‘I wish I knew how to look cute.’ Cheri is your answer!
— Beka Noes

Closet Control

Session Length: Two Hour Minimum
Cost: $50/hour

Description: For established clients only. Cheri will help you go through everything in your wardrobe. Encouraging you to keep pieces in your colors and style if they fit and are in good condition. We will organize and categorize your clothes so that you will know what goes with what and how to accessorize each outfit. We can even take pictures if you want to have a “look” book! To finish the experience, we will make a list of possible pieces to shop for to maximize your look!

Style Party

Session Length: 2-3 Hours
Cost: $30/person for 2-3 people; $25/person for 4-6 people

Description: Gather four to six of your closest friends and have style school party! Each guest will receive a personal consultation. This service does not include color swatches.


Available for purchase:

Gift Certificactes

Cost: Varies

Description: Purchase a personal styling assessment for a loved one!


Color Swatches

Cost: $25

Description: Find out which colors are your best colors! Cheri will analyze everything from your skin tone, hair and eye color, etc to determine the colors that will work best in your wardrobe.