Cheri is an amazing leader, connecter & mentor to women in all seasons of life. She has a passion for knowing others, and walking alongside of them. She is a great communicator, very relatable, and speaks with incredible insight & wisdom.
— Paige Stroup, Director of Women's Fellowship & Community Life, Fellowship Franklin

Looking for a speaker for your next women's event?


Cheri's speaking topics include: 

"Be Your Best You" - 30 to 60 Minutes

In every aspect of our lives we need to know our part. As women, we all wear multiple hats. Spend some time getting to know yourself so that your time is spent purposefully and profitably as you focus on your relationships and responsibilities, professional and private.  

"Cracking the Color Code" - 15 to 30 Minutes

A quick introduction to the importance of color in our wardrobe. All of us fall into one of six color codes. Learn your best colors and how to use them to present the best image possible. Whether you are building a wardrobe for work or for home, use the colors that make you look your best!

"Beauty Boot Camp*"

A full day of discovering your best colors, body type, and personal style! Along with tips for hair, make up, and accessories, you will develop a plan for building a wardrobe filled with only pieces that make you look and feel great. This is a great treat for yourself and your friends! Cheri will share her story and her faith as she walks you through a journey of transformation. This is a great way to take the first step in your fashion journey with Cheri.

*Offered 2-3 times per  year, or can be booked with a group of six or more.

"27 Hangers!" 90 Minutes

Make your life easier! Streamline your wardrobe while creating many new looks from just 27 pieces. If your closet is full of clothes yet you never feel like you are ready for any given situation, this class is for you!


Each topic can be modified to fit your specific audience. The goal of Cheri's talks is to help your audience members feel empowered to become their best selves.


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