By using some simple rules,you can have a style on the outside that matches your loveliness on the inside.
— Cheri Varner

Cheri Varner has been married to Rick for 40+ years of her life. He is the only guy who knows all of her strengths and weaknesses and loves her in spite of it all! She has children in their 40’s and one grandson, Ethan, who is her favorite boy in the whole world!  Cheri is a lover of Jesus and is active in women’s ministry. She and Rick are also active in the Built 2 Last Ministry, for marriage, in their church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Cheri wants to use her talents with women to help them see their full potential in life. She is trained as a Christian women's consultant by Shari Braendel, America's top talent in fashion and faith. Shari is one of the most sought after speakers in the country on fashion and the Christian faith, an author and has years of experience in fashion, color analysis and design.  Donna Roland, owner of Fashionably Faithful in the Knosville, TN area,  is also one of Cheri’s mentors and friends.


Cheri’s work experience is rich and diverse, including:

  • Cooking for a preschool; where she learned that cooking for 50 is more fun than cooking for 2!
  • Assisting an interior designer and finding that she loves working with color and putting looks together.
  • Teaching a faith based sex-education program to middle school students where she learned to talk to anyone about anything, even the uncomfortable topics when the truth is difficult to hear.
  • Helping to deliver over 1,000 babies as a labor and delivery nurse and teaching new parents how to care for their infants. 

Cheri's favorite part of any job is teaching! She discovered that building relationships, working with color and design brings her joy. Her business is the culmination of the things she loves to do: bring faith, truth and joy to others through her talent for enhancing a person's aesthetic appeal because our first impression is what makes others want to know us better.

Her goal is to build relationships with women and to help them to see themselves as beautiful and precious to God, right now, just as they are. How by using some simple rules, they can have a style on the outside that matches their loveliness on the inside.